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Where Faith, Family, and Freight Converge

Our Offerings

At Convoy Kings, we don't just handle your freight, we have your back - like family. From refrigerated goods to HAZMAT, our generations-deep expertise smooths every mile, letting you focus on what matters most. 

An 80-Year Legacy

With a rich family history spanning various trucking sectors
from logging to military
equipment, we bring unparalleled expertise. 

Education & Empowerment

Education is the key to survival and elevation. As you trust Convoy
Kings with your logistics, we ensure you're informed about what you want to know and equipped with what you need to know.

Join the Convoy

Are you a driver looking for a trucking company that treats you like family? Look no further than Convoy Kings. Click here to learn more about our driver onboarding process and how you can become a part of our team.


Why Choose Convoy Kings

At Convoy Kings, we're not just a logistics and distribution company, but a family, rooted
in over 80 years of trucking legacy.

Unmatched Experience

We understand that time is money in the trucking industry. That's why at Convoy Kings, our principles are built on the
foundation of faith and family first, treating every client like kin.

Strategic Decision-Making

 Our strategic decision-making is grounded in thorough research
and industry fundamentals, ensuring your freight and distribution needs are met with precision.

Empowered Drivers

Our commitment extends beyond the road, by empowering and equipping our drivers with the tools needed to ensure that your load arrives safely and timely in varied environmental conditions. 

Place Your Faith in Convoy Kings.
Let's Journey Together.

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