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Trucking Services You Can Trust

We're not just logistics; we're a family built on 80 years of trucking legacy and the unshakeable foundation of faith and family first. You're not just a client; you're kin. We believe in partnerships that stand the test of time, because your success on the road is our priority.

Our seasoned team, rooted in expertise across diverse sectors, from refrigerated goods to HAZMAT and beyond, tackles every mile with unmatched know-how. We navigate with SMART goals and strategic precision, ensuring every shipment arrives exactly where it needs to be.

But our commitment goes beyond the asphalt. We empower you with education, equipping you to thrive as a driver, owner-operator, or even a future trucking titan. Trust Convoy Kings, and let us help you build a legacy strong enough for generations to come.

Join the Convoy Kings family. Place your faith in us, and let's journey together.

Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell, the patriarch of our family, is the inspiration behind Convoy Kings. 


Strategic Route Planning

Safety Focus

Prioritize safety in route planning, considering road conditions, weather, and potential hazards.


Fuel Efficiency

Optimize routes to minimize fuel consumption, considering elevation changes and traffic patterns.

Load Optimization

Strive to keep trucks below maximum capacity to enhance fuel efficiency and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

Real-time Monitoring

Utilize advanced technology for real-time monitoring of road conditions and traffic to adjust routes dynamically.

Environmental Considerations

Consider eco-friendly routes that align with sustainability goals when possible.

Client Preferences

Tailor routes based on client preferences, such as delivery windows and specific delivery locations.

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